Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Happiness is a choice

I have been waiting to put down my thoughts about something for a while now. The something we all try to find in everything we do “Happiness”.The ink in which we want each of our memories to be written in.  A meaningful derivation we want in our lives.

The title of this post is a line from a TV show called “Monk”. I guess the reason this line stayed with me was partly because I was dissatisfied with my work for some time then; which we all are at one point of time or the other. It just stuck with me since then; has been part of my email signature for a long time. The point that I am trying to make is, we are all crushed by unhappiness in different walks of life that springs from stress, anger, fear, trouble, rejection, vulnerability or anything we perceive as distress. Most often we are also not in control of the situations that we find ourselves in and we try our best to not subjugate to these situations. No matter how compelling unhappiness is in the face of such harsh times, we always have a choice to look the other way, a choice of happiness. It may be a difficult choice but definitely a worthy choice.

I share this today with everyone, because I just want to pass it on. Who knows, it may just stick with some of you starting now. Life is never easy and may be thats what makes living it a worthy choice; then why not be happy about it so long as its worth it.

Monday, September 29, 2014


'Nature', an abode of serenity, fury, melancholy and piquancy. A masterpiece cast in the colors of seasons. A melody of silence and grace, an accord of innate tunes. A vivacious beauty inspiring different perceptions and expressions; of love, reverence and zest. Love that comes to life in the strokes of colors and hues, reverence that captures the intrinsic authenticity in pixels and frames and Zest that manifests into thoughts and words. A divine creation...that never ceases to amaze me.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Strength in suffering...

We are all weak. Weak bearing the weight of love and weak carrying the emotional load of relationships. Weak to stare into the eyes of naked, blatant truth of the world around us. Weak to contemplate the harshness of life. Weak to reassure ourselves that we can live, not sustain. A weakness that is etched into our lives, a fixture that pulls us back, a boundary that confines us. It is just a way of life, we are used to. It never stops scaring us, because we are always short of the courage to take life head on as it unwinds. The courage that comes from suffering.

Suffering is a gift of life. A test that challenges our strength and kindles our sense of purpose. The pain that teaches us resilience. A whip that scars our weakness and questions our mettle. An experiment always testing its hypothesis. An element of agony that pushes our limits unleashing the true fortitude. A rough burden that demands a mighty fight. A lesson of endurance in the face of inadvertent life liberating us from weakness; for its true that   


Courtesy - Quotation by Philosopher KHALIL GIBRAN.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Short Glimpse

Some precious moments in life are colored in happiness and signed in smiles. To me photography is all about capturing such moments in the lens. It's about seizing special moments and freezing them in the album of memories forever. An album that tells the story of family, love and celebration; featuring a short glimpse of special times in my life.

Medha Video Photo Album 
Sweet Memories
Collage Collection

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Primary facet of life

There are multiple facets to our lives but they converge in single aspect; purpose. The purpose how simple or complex, is often obscure as we run with time round the clock. This may not be a passion with which we inspire ourselves but instead a constant variable that  just exists to bring balance to our lives. No matter where life takes us, it is always true that we are just trying to find our place in this world. It may be as small as just cooking a meal, painting a picture or building architectural marvels and changing lives. No matter how big or small this purpose is, it is always the driving factor of people lives; a truss that carries our emotional load.A hidden facet that helps us function.

Some events invigorate our actions and in turn strengthen our purpose. We use this to reinforce our motivation for future actions. But, sometimes this sense of purpose is shaken, and It is only human to look for something reassuring in the face of disorder and one may find it in love, work, faith or hope. Hard wind often blows into our lives and we may not see what we are looking for, but it does not mean that we cannot find it. The question of how we find it does not matter, as long as we find our answer in something; something that we can believe in and something that can restore our balance. For so long as the sun rises, tomorrow is always a new day.

Sweet pain of love

The bond of unconditional love begins in pain. The pain we endure happily beyond doubt,  knowing there is something worth it. We carry apprehension, anxiety and anticipation at the same time in every moment along this road, and thats what makes the journey unforgettable. We believe that every step forward takes us closer to being happy and complete; The inexplicable overwhelming joy of having a baby.

People say that having a baby changes your world, and its true. It feels like a better place all wrapped in colors of zest. This feeling of love begins to give a deeper meaning to who we are and fills a place in ours hearts that we never knew was empty. It brings with it a responsibility that we want to keep forever; a sense of possessiveness that we begin to live for. The same world seems so soft and hopeful as we see it for the first time through the eyes of innocence.

It’s hard to say where and when it begins, the bond of love. May be it is always there with in us, and just that we see it at the opportune moment that life wants us to. Becoming a parent is one such moment, that makes us realize how beautiful life can be. A life blessed with our ability to love and love beyond boundaries.

Love begets fear; a fear that comes with responsibility. We cannot fight this fear, but instead we just understand that it will be there for as long as we love and deal with it. When we love someone we learn to push our limits to hold things right but we also open ourselves to suffering. A possibility, we prepare for knowing that there is always some burden we carry for every choice we make; like the happiness that began with pain. A burden we choose to carry, despite the outcome; for this is what makes us the parents we can be.