Monday, August 15, 2011

Inexplicable and beyond...

The beauty of tiny drops of water
on the soft petals of a flower
lurking in the wet green leaves;
after a pouring shower

The melody in sweet tunes of birds
sighing and perching in bliss
on the dry green foliage of trees;
at the crack of dawn

The blend of fledgling hues of light
and impeccable blue shade of sky
fading as strokes of orange
in the impending darkness at dusk

The gush of roaring waves in the sea
rising to the bay and ebbing away, in serenity
as a vivacious rhythm
in the summer moon’s lull

The innocence in the gentle smile of flowers
lurching in the wild cascades of wind;
with a magnificent scent of bloom
in the lush green spring

The symphony of soothing breeze
rustling over the wilted leaves
swaying ,whistling and dancing
in the colorful fall

are some of the nature's Prodigies of Creation

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