Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A little flower

I smile,
when the pearly hues of sky wake me up, to a pleasant morning amber
and I worry,
when the thick shades of orange drown me, in a grave serene sunset

I blush,
when the soft strokes of tuft soothe me, with a gentle placid touch
and I repel,
when the rough hands of air swirl me, in a sudden hard grasp

I revel,
when the fine colors of bloom adorn me, in a lush green spring
and I tremble,
when the somber layers of cloud drench me, in a heavy wet rain

I dance,
when the velvet curls of wind cuddle me, in a smooth tickling lurch
and I lurk,
when the huge leaves of stem engulf me, in a rapid soaring plunge

I repose,
when the mellow scents of summer lull me, into a deep quiet tranquility
and I cringe,
when the dry winds of winter enfold me, in a sharp horrid chill

But no matter what,
I remember to fight and hope for tomorrow; to smile once again and live once again.

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