Monday, May 28, 2012

My Magic Man

I don't remember

those evening walks I have taken with you in the stroller, sleeping in peace.
those small steps I have taken as a child holding your hand.
those first words I have spoken as a little one smiling at you.

But, I remember all those

peaceful nights when I fell asleep on your lap listening to stories
happy birthdays when I asked you for more chocolates
naughty times when I reached into your purse for money
exam mornings when I woke you up for milk and tea
summer evenings when I nudged you for cool drinks and ice-cream
shopping visits when you bought me maps and books
school homework's when you helped me with maths and science
playdays when you taught me cards and chess
wonderful moments when you chided me with love and care

No matter where you are and how far away
you were, are and will always be my magic man

In memory of my grandfather - Yeswantha Rao

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