Thursday, January 3, 2013

To the girl inside...

As a girl it all starts with the toys we love to play as a child. Initially it’s a doll. Accessorizing the doll, combing its hair, dressing it for a party and cooking for it’s birthday; then gradually as time goes by the obsession is no longer for the dolls we play with. Those colorful shoes, dresses, bags from behind the mirrors in the showroom begin to start their magic on the eyes. Be it a colorful pencil box, magic eraser, new school bag, or water bottle everything seems to be, the most wonderful thing we should have. Starting from new ribbons to clips, labels to socks, crayons to sketch pens everything seems important and necessary. A small world filled with dreams of no bigger than cake and candles for birthday, a promising world full of hopes that only has chocolates, ice creams and new dresses in it.

Ah what despair, time never waits and dreams never stop. Beautiful little world made of chocolates and ice creams no longer holds the key to the heart. Fashion and trend slowly start to make their mark and cloud the ability of perception. Everything is new and everything is awesome right from the lip-gloss to eyeliner, high heels to leather bags, and watches to goggles. World is now a bigger place full of things that we must have. Financial freedom usually begins and ends in this world, be it from pocket money or hard earned credit card. We either spend money that isn't ours to spend or spend something that is rightfully ours without realizing if its worth it. No matter what, it still makes us feel complete and happy.

Once again life goes on and time never bothers. World is now a dirty place. Responsibility and survival take over the happy place that was once filled with hopes and dreams of future. Reality dawns and it soon becomes clear that the small world full of dolls and dresses is far off, beyond reach, lost in the golden memories of innocent childhood. Today seems to be the only truth. The world around full of fashion and trend seems to be with in hands reach yet miles away from credit cards. Every time the balance drops by a figure it starts to trigger an automatic machine gun that continues to dodge bullets of questions till it's obvious to us that we made a lavish purchase without foresight or may be not lavish but unnecessary.

The little girl that once dreamt of chocolates and dolls and the fashion girl that once dreamt of perfumes and brands is still alive in the today of this every woman; it’s just that we realize and it’s not that good anymore.

Imagination of the girl inside still dreams, only just that some day it realizes...

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