Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My first Mother's Day

I found respite in those loving arms as a child and I have learnt how to walk holding those hands. I saw the world from those shoulders that carried me around and I fell asleep swinging on those legs that rocked me to sleep. she was there to hold up my socks and tie my laces. she was there to pack my bag and help me with homework. Thanks to her, my clothes were clean, books were in shelves and rooms were in order. She was my fairy in the stories and my angel of love…My Mom. Happy Mother's day.

I found my love for the second time in life and I see my world in those sparkling eyes. I now count time in seconds of smiles ; and just wait to hug her tight. Thanks to her I know what bliss is and thanks to her I know what a blessing is. She is all that I waited for, my little miracle and now I am her mom…Medha. Celebrating Motherhood...

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