Thursday, February 6, 2014

Random thought

Sometimes I keep wondering what is it that is so amazing about life that it just keeps us going no matter what...i think most of the people do agree that life is a gift indeed, A gift that comes wrapped in different packages for each of us. A package with its own share of happiness and sorrow.No matter what the package looks like , the gift is certainly precious. Well if in doubt just going to a hospital or watching Grey's anatomy will help :). Coming back to this random string of thought...I also feel that we have a very close glimpse of our friends lives today; of course you already know what I am thinking; facebook. Everyday I just look at the recent updates section and it makes me wonder where the hell am I lost with my life. Someone, is visiting countries , while someone is out on vacation with family, some are partying and some are celebrating. So what ever it is that they are doing, it always feels like their life so much better compared to mine.well I guess I have some spare time to think about such things ;) after all. But, once again I keep telling myself that I am being so stupid coz everybody's journey is different and so is their drive. Keeping all the emotions aside; taking a closer look at my life tells me only one thing, that I am not some one who is ambitious about running a company or becoming future billgates. I am just a daughter, wife and an ambitious mother who just cares about working from 9 to 5, running the house, cooking for my family. what am i trying to say here? frankly ,nothing. this is no message. it's just a stream of random thoughts straight from brain, finally consolidated on a piece of paper. So, end of the day all that matters is to just have the gift of life while there is still some health and have some happiness while there is still some time to enjoy. So , here I am living life the best way I can, thanking for it.

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  1. Like a great man said spending time with children is more important than spending money on children. You are lucky to spend time with Medha :-)