Thursday, October 9, 2014

True Legacy

This is a tale of two lives; of hard work and simplicity, of reverence and kindness. A tale of two different personas that influenced my life. Above all a timeless memory of love. One was a man of riches and splendor and one was a man of austerity and compassion. Both noble , independent and men of their well earned stature.

Life can be too overwhelming in the face of true plight. To stand amidst of this plight as a child makes it difficult to embrace life. However, this was the boy who fought with his fate everyday and put himself through school. He stumbled over many obstacles and yet steadied himself and held on to the anchor of life.  Opportunity may be a gift but hard work is always a choice. The duo has made him a man of mettle. He started his career as a school teacher , then made his way through life as a banker. He didn’t stop there, he taught himself the skill of making money and mastered it. Earning is just an ability; an ability to work for money, but it takes intelligence and discipline to make money work for you. It was that skill that made him who he was. He went on to build an empire of wealth and lived a life of purpose and fulfillment.

There is only a little I know about his childhood, but only that life can be very unforgiving at times. He lost one of his siblings at a very young age and yet he didn’t let death traumatize him. He became a civil engineer. He worked for HUDA and had overseen many wonderful construction projects. He was a walking dictionary, an encyclopedia of current events, a mythology expert , a man of integrity and above all a selfless monk. It takes a generous heart  to help people in need and a great heart to do it without expectations but it takes a brave heart to help in the phase of financial insufficiency.He was later diagnosed with parking sense disease but even then he didn’t have trouble talking about involutes in engineering drawing. For all I remember, he was the magic man who made my troubles go away. He was a man who lived the life of nobility and contentment.

I  always thought about them in my life and the legacy they left behind. A legacy of confidence and character. A legacy of life in memories.

In loving memory of my Grandfathers....
Nageswara Rao Paramatmuni
Yeswantha Rao Komarraju

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