Saturday, December 6, 2014

The answer in question

As a child I was taught to believe in God, I was told to pray. I never thought about questioning this belief.  Life never gave me a strong reason to do so. With years of wisdom imparted to me from older generations I came to believe that God helps us in misery and that he will answer our prayers. I always prayed for something and life gave it to me. This reinstated my belief in God over years. I soon began to realize that true prayer is not in asking for personal favors but rather true prayer is to pray for everybody’s well being and thank God, for everything I have in life. I have come to realize it ever since. There were some miserable times and yet I never forgot that I was more fortunate than many other people in the world. I was and will always be thankful of it. But, no matter what you tend to cling to miracles of God, when you want something in life. I did too. Sometimes, God answered it and sometimes he did not. But, this did not shake my faith in him. I rather felt that it was God’s way of testing my courage to deal with life. I now know that, and nothing can make me feel different about it. But today, I had this strange thought that…Why should I believe in God? This is not a question that questions my faith in God but rather a question that can reinforce that faith. The only reason I could come up with is, that I need some support that can give me strength to deal with challenges in life and that support is God. Is this a good enough answer? May be or may be not. But it did suffice. I came to understand one thing from all of this…that God always answers our prayers but we need time to understand if he did. And when, that time comes you no longer need an answer. God is not a solution to our problems but rather a light that can guide us in the darkness of times. He can only give us the strength to tolerate the pain.

Sometimes he just sends us a message that he is listening and that's more than enough to get us back on our track. In just two days after I thought about this God gave two reasons as to why I should trust him. Now I know... that he is listening.

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