Thursday, February 5, 2015

My Style

This post is my expression of style for the ‘A Style Of My Own’ blogger contest by Women’s Web and Trishla emart

Style is a blend of fashion and attitude. I think a sense of fashion combined with a touch of attitude that is slightly personalised becomes our style. I observe changes in ethnic wear, dream of new hairstyles, indulge in window shopping, stare at jewellery hoardings, look online for best deals , keep up with new trends and finally get ready for shopping every season. All these ingredients enhance the taste of style. And finally to me ’Shopping’ is the most important companion of style because to know what to buy and where to buy is as important as knowing the trend itself.

My simple rule of style is ‘Everything matters’. Right from clothes to shoes, bags to stoles, hair to gloss; everything matters. Be it the color of the outfit, the shade of the lipstick or the tone of the hair color , all of it has to fit and when it does not; a pinch of attitude and smile will always do the magic.

However, I am really not a fashionista, all I care about end of the day is just to create my own sense of style no matter what I wear; be it a saree or jeans, kurta or skirt. I once used to go shopping for fun ,spend as much as I like on my accessories. My wardrobe was then different from what it is today. Now, I am no longer a college kid or an unmarried career woman or a working wife but rather a full time homemaker and an all time mother. So I shifted gears, now my fashion is in my comfortable cotton clothes and nothing else. My simple gold jewellery replaced my big flashing earrings and bold bangles. A simple homely black bindi replaced my dainty shining bindis, a small lip guard replaced my glosses and lipsticks.My huge collection of colorful bindis is closely stacked in a small bag and my big box of nail colors  and eye shadows is safely packed and locked away in my closet. So are my bangles, bracelets and watches. My bags and best clothes keep staring at me from the hanger unless I am getting ready to go to a party. That’s it.

I once used to wear my kurtis paired with matching earrings, my jeans paired with sleeveless tops. watch was always my accessory and so was my leather wallet and mobile. Style was buying clothes and refreshing the wardrobe. Style was simply everything money can buy and all that  I can carry. These days, I dress in cottons at home and wear my anarkali suits for parties. Sarees are always set aside for weddings and temples. Clothes are hugely a matter of comfort more than anything else. But, I never neglect to match these with my favorite earrings, elegant flats, colorful rubber bands and hairclips, nice nail color and gloss. No matter what I wear , I never forget my kajal or eyeliner. All these things together define my style be it just a very normal day or a very special occasion.  

I once had plenty of time to spend but now my time is a precious commodity that I have to wisely manage and choose what to invest in. So I revised my sense of style with changing roles. It doesn’t mean I gave up on my looks. I still keep an eye out for changing trends and never stop shopping for big long earrings and accessories. My collection keeps growing with time and my wardrobe always has something new. End of it, all that matters to me is the beautiful smile that I always try to carry and the touch of attitude that I try not to lose. This is my style, the style personalized to fit my way of life; an attribute of my ever evolving persona.

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  1. A very well though post, you have spoken for many women. Keep writing,.
    PS: could you increase the font size of your text, it is quite difficult to read. Thanks.