Friday, May 23, 2014

Being a Mom

My day starts with tiny little fingers poking me in my face and my eyes open to the most beautiful expression in the world; smile. The smile that tells me there is so much love that eyes can reveal.

Hours fly and I clean, minutes stop and I feed, clock ticks and I eat, time runs and I run. I now take showers at nap times,  eat food at play times, browse at night times. To have a hot meal is a luxury, to read a book during the day is a tragedy, to run errands at times is a misery. End of the day I am tired and completely exhausted and yet I am happy.

Happy when those baby steps keep taking my breath away, happy when I see a wide smile spread across the most lovely face I know,  happy when those tiny little hands reach out to me for comfort, happy when I just know that she is healthy and happy. Happiness that is so complete and beyond words. I am a mother and that is all that matters; being a mom.

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