Thursday, July 31, 2014


How will I fly into the sky,
if u will always hold me tight,
just let me go and I can learn
to reach for the stars and soar up high.

I dream, when I am up in the sky
just gliding through azure folds
floating on top of the clouds;
that I can feel the wind lifting my wings,
taking me high into the skies

I wonder, when I am flying in the shores of sun
if I will see the world far and low 
but I think I know, I may not make it there
when I am just beginning to let go.

It's true I may fall, but I will not fail,
I know, I have a spirit to try
yes! I will fight and heal
get backup, flutter and fly.

That's all who I want to be
And whats more

that's all there is, to just be me...

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