Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Phir bhi dil hain hindustani

If the name gives you a vibe that this is going to be some cheesy SRK worship story then let me stop you right there,it’s not. I don’t know what this is but it sure is something I think often and there always is a conflict of thought. A thought that is very common for most of us living here and a conflict that arises from having to choose between, a better life and the home you have known for always. A mixed feeling of emotional distress and rational introspection.

Talking about our tastes, We like all the time we can get here after work but we also yearn to talk to the family on skype .We love going camping and hiking with friends but we also love the little weekend getaways we have back home. We like all the income and things that it can buy us here but we never stop dreaming about taking our Honda on Indian roads. We like jeans and boots but dazzling salwars and long big earrings are still our favorite.We like the malls, movies and deals, but we miss the road side shopping and street vendor stalls. We like the joy of christmas but we always miss the spirit of diwali. We love toblerone, hersheys and coldstone but not as much as gulab jamun, ragda and dahi papdi. We like our starbucks venti decaf but not more than homemade filter coffee. We try Italian, chinese and greek but Indian restaurant is always our first choice.

Putting the facts and emotions together and giving it a perception, we are those people who love to imbibe western culture, still keeping our own flavor in it. the flavor of culture and tradition that makes us who we are and the flavor of life that took us a long way. we are torn between the mind that belongs to rationale and the heart that will always belong at home.

-- for all the desi guys 

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