Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sweet pain of love

The bond of unconditional love begins in pain. The pain we endure happily beyond doubt,  knowing there is something worth it. We carry apprehension, anxiety and anticipation at the same time in every moment along this road, and thats what makes the journey unforgettable. We believe that every step forward takes us closer to being happy and complete; The inexplicable overwhelming joy of having a baby.

People say that having a baby changes your world, and its true. It feels like a better place all wrapped in colors of zest. This feeling of love begins to give a deeper meaning to who we are and fills a place in ours hearts that we never knew was empty. It brings with it a responsibility that we want to keep forever; a sense of possessiveness that we begin to live for. The same world seems so soft and hopeful as we see it for the first time through the eyes of innocence.

It’s hard to say where and when it begins, the bond of love. May be it is always there with in us, and just that we see it at the opportune moment that life wants us to. Becoming a parent is one such moment, that makes us realize how beautiful life can be. A life blessed with our ability to love and love beyond boundaries.

Love begets fear; a fear that comes with responsibility. We cannot fight this fear, but instead we just understand that it will be there for as long as we love and deal with it. When we love someone we learn to push our limits to hold things right but we also open ourselves to suffering. A possibility, we prepare for knowing that there is always some burden we carry for every choice we make; like the happiness that began with pain. A burden we choose to carry, despite the outcome; for this is what makes us the parents we can be.

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