Thursday, September 4, 2014

Primary facet of life

There are multiple facets to our lives but they converge in single aspect; purpose. The purpose how simple or complex, is often obscure as we run with time round the clock. This may not be a passion with which we inspire ourselves but instead a constant variable that  just exists to bring balance to our lives. No matter where life takes us, it is always true that we are just trying to find our place in this world. It may be as small as just cooking a meal, painting a picture or building architectural marvels and changing lives. No matter how big or small this purpose is, it is always the driving factor of people lives; a truss that carries our emotional load.A hidden facet that helps us function.

Some events invigorate our actions and in turn strengthen our purpose. We use this to reinforce our motivation for future actions. But, sometimes this sense of purpose is shaken, and It is only human to look for something reassuring in the face of disorder and one may find it in love, work, faith or hope. Hard wind often blows into our lives and we may not see what we are looking for, but it does not mean that we cannot find it. The question of how we find it does not matter, as long as we find our answer in something; something that we can believe in and something that can restore our balance. For so long as the sun rises, tomorrow is always a new day.

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