Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cet amour

If love is in the air then may be it truly invisible string that brings people closer. Be it the evergreen magic of teen age attraction or the old tale of senile affection; Be it a long lasting promise of wedding vows or a likely compromise of marriage is every where....a delicate thread that sews our lives together.

There is a different form of love that manifests in our lives some time or the other...the love that we can feel around and with in us. It is delicate,unconditional and everlasting. The soft touch of tender hands, the tumbling hustle of tiny feet, the quiet felicity of innocent smile, the melodious disharmony of voice and words,the frivolous joy of shopping for tiny clothes and toys,the peaceful warmth of hugging them to sleep, the true bliss of rising to their happy faces every morning..this is the most precious love that can ever happen.A feeling so pure and gentle that life never is complete without the touch of it.

This emotion flourishes with time; the tough love. love that springs with attraction; blossoms with wedding; grows, suffers, and survives in marriage. It drags itself through the streets of conflicts and chaos but still manages to sustain with patience. The love that learns to stabilize itself with years of experience.

It's inevitable and sure to follow into the age of senility; the true love. This one's a keeper, for it continues its journey till the end of time.The love that is quiet and silent in the eyes of souls who just know that it is there. The love that becomes a routine of day, a habit of existence and solace of life.Love that knows that it lasts for sure but only with the fear of not knowing how long before the bed is half empty. is never the same again...true love prevails.

To the eternity of love....

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