Monday, November 24, 2014

Equation of life

Life is full of unexpected surprises. Some of them come wrapped in bright colors of happiness and  joy while some come in grey shades of shock and despair. Every miserable event is life’s way of teaching us to live.  ‘Change’, whether good or bad is always the common quotient of all transactions of life. Our ability to embrace this change at the most unfortunate times, determines our scale of dejection. We are built to deal with change, shock and despair. The sooner we embrace them, the sooner we can rebound. However hope makes us weak and vulnerable. Hope that makes us forget that happiness is just a phase and that there will always be those times of gloom to restore equilibrium in life. True challenge is to suffer, cry, lean but fight. Expectations determine the length of suffering and the window of distress; but we can begin to fight once we find our ground.

Our inability to accept the inopportune effect of change impairs our formidability. No matter how big we dream and how hard we try, some things are out of our hands. Most often we do not want to believe this and it works; it works for as long as we have an expected outcome. But, when we learn it is different from what we expected, we have a hard time contemplating it. We cannot dismiss it. Instead we deal with it in fives stages of grief. Denial is the first stage of grief followed by anger, bargaining, depression and then finally acceptance.

We cherish happiness and success beyond anything; but it is the sadness, failure and grief that we bear, conquer and tolerate that make happy moments worth cherishing. Wounds of woes are lessons of life and no journey of true human spirit is complete without it. A brave heart can heal the broken wings of hope and restore true strength.

Felicity and grief sustain balance in the equation of life. 

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